Your Pillow Could Be Causing Acne

Sleep is a wonderful thing.  To be able to lie down and rest for a few hours is a pleasure that most people don’t fully appreciate.  A good night’s sleep can leave you refreshed and recharged.  But while your body is resting, something else could be going on.  You might actually be in the beginning of an acne breakout and not even know it.  Yes, your pillow could be causing acne.

I know what you are thinking – “How can a pillow cause acne?”  It’s very possible and it happens to millions of people each year.  The process itself is not all that complicated.

When you lay down at night, you think that your body is completely at rest.  That isn’t really true.  The human body is always working, even when we are at rest.  As you are sleeping, your body is preparing for the next day.  Your muscles are relaxing.  Your bones are getting stronger. Your cells are changing.  As all of this is going on, your face is also preparing for another day. Dead skin cells are being replaced by new cells.  The sebaceous glands are moisturizing your face by producing sebum.  You are literally becoming a new person for the next day.

But as all of this is going on, your pillow is actually harming the process.  Your pillow is collecting all of dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum that are coming off of your face.  And as you turn your head, it is redistributing all of that material back on your face.   And that material has the potential to cause acne.

So how do you prevent this? Well the first thing is to make sure that you are sleeping on a clean pillow and mattress with clean sheets and pillowcases.   Every few days, make sure that your pillowcase is clean and fresh.  And don’t forget the pillow either.  Take the hose and brush attachment from your vacuum cleaner and use it on your pillow.  You will be surprised at all of the stuff that comes out of your pillow when you vacuum it. And commit to a regimen of washing your face before bed time and when you wake up each morning.  That will prevent the buildup of any dirt and dead skin.

Don’t let your pillow ruin your face by causing acne.  It’s easy to keep your pillow from becoming the latest addition to the acne army.

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